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Path Of Exile Tips Tell You The Most Worthwhile Things

We have put together for you the best 5 tips for "Path of Exile" and tell you which items are worthwhile, what you have to pay attention to when distributing your passive skill points, and which steps will make your exile everyday life a bit more bearable.

Path of Exile is a Free2Play action RPG and enjoys great popularity. We'll show you how to survive in the merciless world of Wraeclast.

Exile Tip 5: Focus your collecting hatred

Do not pick up every junk item, but concentrate as quickly as possible on golden, rare items. You should always collect "Scroll of Wisdom", "Portal Scroll" and all other upgrade items that are slightly brownish in color.
These "orbs" can be used to upgrade weapons and other items, or even reset passive skill points. The most valuable of these "orbs" are also used as currency in "Path of Exile". These include "Exalted Orbs", "Divine Orbs" and "Chaos Orbs PoE".
However, even normal white objects can turn you into valuable items. To do this, you must use the "orbs" mentioned above to upgrade an item. For example, with a "Blacksmith's Whetstone" you increase the quality of the weapon and with an "Orb of Alchemy" you can turn the normal weapon into a rare one.
White items are especially valuable if you have either three different colored skill gems (red, blue, green) or more than five skill slots. Since these items are extremely rare, you can sell well and above all improve well with "orbs".

Exile Tip 4: The Right Skills to Survive

Opt for a so-called AoE skill as early as possible. "AoE" stands for "Area of Effect" and refers to an action or a magic with surface effect. These attacks allow you to kill multiple enemies at once, which quickly becomes a matter of survival and also provides plenty of experience levels to level your character.
Note that you can use any skill with any class as long as your character meets the attribute requirements. You can see their attributes (strength, intelligence and dexterity) by pressing [C]. So you are relatively free in the interpretation of your hero and should use this to your advantage.
Later in the game, you can fall back on various "auras". These skills provide you with certain bonuses when activated, such as faster mana regeneration. However, you do not need to place all the auras in your hotbar (keyboard layout of the skills). It is sufficient if you select and activate them via one of the buttons in the Hotbar.

Exile Tip 3: Do not forget your defensive

You absolutely need elemental resistance to lightning, fire, and ice damage, as you will quickly get a lot of spell damage. In Path of Exile, rings are an easy way to provide some resistance. It's best to carry around a number of different rings in your inventory and swap them before hitting enemy groups with damage. In addition, you should plan a certain number of passive skill points for elemental resistances.
Decide early on whether you want to be dependent on life or energy shield and then award your passive skill points accordingly. At least 100 percent additional from one of the two you should achieve so. Otherwise you will die with sufficient healing potions a quick and glorious death.
Of course, it is also possible to neglect his defensive and to build a more offensive designed heroes. But especially beginners will have their problems with such an orientation. So be sure to always do enough for your defensive. An all-crushing warrior will not help you if you hit the ground after a hit.

Exile Tip 2: Make life easier with settings!

Not only beginners are in danger of overlooking the many chests, boxes and objects dropped by opponents. For the big crowd this is difficult even for more experienced players. Luckily, the item "UI" in the options menu offers many options to customize the user interface to your preferences. Here is also the option "Always Highlight" (see picture). Check this box to always point out any recordable items on the screen.
In the same window you will also get rid of the annoying window that by default shows the global and commercial chat. For a better overview, uncheck "Join Global Chat" and "Join Trade Chat". Press the [Enter] key to recall the chat window later.
Moving items from your character's inventory to your chest ("stash") would certainly rob you of years of life if there were not a useful keyboard shortcut: Hold [Ctrl] and left-click on an item in your inventory and you will find it in your chest again.
That you will not just die in "Path of Exile" is almost certain. And often the key mapping of your mouse will be at fault. Because at the beginning you not only move with the left mouse button, but also attack it. So, one after another, you inadvertently run into enemy hordes - and often do not come out again. As soon as you receive your first skill gem (or put it into an item), you should therefore assign your left mouse button with "Move only". You do this in the screen area at the bottom right with a click on the corresponding icon. Here (in the so-called "Hotbar") you can also assign the keys for your skills (right mouse button, [Q], [W], [E] and [R]).

Exile Tip 1: Enjoy your first gameplay

"Path of Exile" is an extremely complex action RPG that will take you by surprise with its sheer abundance of item types, skills and possible ways to build character. Even if you have already played similar games like "Diablo" or "Torchlight", you have to find your way around first (keyword: "The perfect build")
That's why this advice should be taken seriously: Enjoy your first run of the game and do not spend any time developing your character's skills. The chances are very high that your first character, even with plenty of consideration, ideally becomes mediocre. Do you rather play your time in any forums on "How do I build the perfect character?" to spend.
If you do not want to gamble on it, do not overdo it in the first game run. It is best to plan for only 60 of the 120 passive skill points. That's enough to give you enough damage and defense bonuses. Play it safe with the official character-planning tool.
How to unlock the secret level in "Diablo 3", we tell you in this practical tip.

How To Play Marauder In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is an ARPG set in a dark fantasy world. Developed by the independent New Zealand company Grinding Gear Games is completely free. The project is maintained economically thanks to ethical micro-payments. 

This game is based on the Diablo saga, especially in Diablo II but with a level of graphics very similar to devil 3, and in my opinion even more advanced than the devil 3.

All areas where teleports, except central camps, are generated randomly, players are connected to a single server, but when a player or group of players leaves the camp, they do so to an area that is only for them.

Usually this type of game, objects are generated randomly from a variety of basic types, assigning them magical properties and holes to embed gems (runes). There are different oddities, and the rarest objects will have more and better characteristics. In this way, a large part of the game is dedicated to finding a well-balanced team.

Different characters

The Marauder is associated with strength and fire. If you raise all your passive abilities of fire and strength it will become easier to raise it and in turn stronger. (Passive skills) or skill tree.

Here we leave you a few builds related to the Marauder. Remember that, because of their disposition in the tree, many can adapt to characters with a close exit. In addition, together with our general assessment, which are the following:

Feasibility: capacity of the build to arrive and work perfectly in the endgame
Economy: how cheap it comes to build the character (the higher the value, the cheaper)
Attack: character's offensive ability
Defense: defensive capacity of the character

Management: ease of use of the character and understanding of the build

Usually the marauder is a born tank, so when it comes to climbing the passive skill it is best to raise a lot of life and defense, and focus on what weapon you will use to avoid loss of skill points, if you use a perfect ax! focus on climbing only axes (or one or two hands), if you are going to use swords the same (or one hand or two hands) never upload both because you will lose skill points, remember that your intention is to cause a lot of damage and if you allocate points to You will lose a lot of damage to the weapon!

Passive skills

All classes share 1350 passive skills, (the difficult part) since they are many and the player can choose one each time the character levels up, or occasionally as a reward for a mission. Passive skills increase the score of the main attributes, the mana or the ability to heal and hurt, among other improvements and each of the classes starts in a different place.

Active skills

Unlike many games of this genre, Path of Exile does not impose a fixed skill tree on each class. On the contrary, skills are gems; these can be found during the game and others are obtained as prizes for performing missions. The gems are inserted in the holes that have the weapons and the pieces of armor and only thus grant the skill to the character. When the gems are placed, they gain experience at the same time as the character, with which they acquire more level and become more and more powerful.

Active abilities can be modified through Support Gems calls. The gaps that objects have can (or can not) be linked. In order for a support gem to affect another gem of active ability, they must be placed in gaps between each other.

The effects of these support gems include attack speed, multiple shots, chained attacks, life robbery, automatic spells when a critic occurs and considerably improve your damage ...


The success of the trade is instead of using a coin to trade within the game, it is based on the exchange or exchange of objects called orbs. Unlike coins, these objects have utilities and to activate them you need to spend them. This creates in the game economy a mechanism of currency destruction and avoids inflation. The usefulness of orbs is to alter objects in different ways. 

Tip: when you have orbs do not sell them, save them and then trade them for objects that really interest you. Now if you are willing to upload your own object, make sure that this object is unique and of high level, because as you spend orbs in a yellow item that can fall 10 times ... you will be ruined in a matter of days.

Path Of Exile Received The Battle Royal Mode

Grinding Gear Games in honor of the celebration of the "Day of Laughter" pleased all the players Path of Exile. In the online Action RPG was added a mode of "royal battle", allowing the heroes to meet against each other in a single battlefield. According to all the rules of the genre, a hundred players stay in the location, where only one person should survive in the fight. The winner of the "royal battle" will receive in his sanctuary an honorary brazier with Rhoa Dinner - a local aggressive bird.

Grinding Gear Games Chapter Chris Wilson explained to Reddit that the idea of a holiday in this way, appeared after numerous letters asking to add a popular mode to the game. However, the "royal battle" in the Path of Exile will only be available for one day.

Of course, he has to go a bit of a hack on the popular "Battle Royal" genre and this has received a popular action RPG game Path of Exile. But the thing is really true and you can download it here for free. As Path of Exile is the fastest selling video game worldwide, the value of its in-game currency has grown in popularity. Get more news from our website: It sells cheap PoE currency buy. If you buy here, you will get fast delivery and best service.

Path Of Exile Class Guide For The Duelist

Online action RPG will take on the Devil lovers who can choose this character.

The interesting Diablo clone, Path of Exile, has an interesting hybrid profession. He is a duelist who applies strength and skill especially in a direct sword struggle. By using skill, batching is created to speed up attacks, and the application of force increases the stamina. These elements multiply until the character uses a special attack such as a teleport with a blowout. The Duelist shows up in a video motion in the second act - in the forest, where the hero can add to some bandits

If the pure force, like a marauder, or pure dexterity, like a ranger, you do not fit, and you prefer something medium - to be in close combat, but at the same time use tactical techniques, evade blows, go to the enemies behind your back and smash their only one critical blow, the Duelist will suit your style of play.

In the tree of passive skills, he is located among such skills that increase dexterity, strength, attack speed from pair weapons, health, evasion, armor.

The duelist is great for making a fast and dangerous warrior who harmoniously combines the power of the contact fighter and the mobility of the archer.

The game does not use disposable flavors, but will be bottles that are continuously emptied while in use, but also complement, for example, when killing a monster. At the same time, bottles can have different effects, heal more quickly, or add some bonus to their status. An important part of character development is the discovery of bottles with different effects.

Path of Exile can be played for free. It takes place in a persistent online world with randomly generated levels in a fixed 3D perspective. Includes exciting skill development and PvP tournament.

Path of Exile: How Do You Get The Most Out Of The Currency

The economic system in Path of Exile is not as simple as it seems. The difference with other games of the same logic is that there is no currency, but objects (orbs) that are used for crafting, for gear enhancement, for changing the passive skill tree of characters, etc. These orbs are falling by killing enemies and is the exchangeable "currency" of the game. The value of each one varies according to its rarity and demand, which changes continuously according to the needs of the market. The market hides many secrets, but before you go deep, you need to learn the basics of the economic system of Path of Exile. It is recommended at least at the beginning of the game to collect the chaos orbs and not to use them as they are necessary to trade with other players.

Transactions between players

Trading practice is an essential part of the game. At Path of Exile there is no auction house, or a central marketplace. To start a transaction, the two players must be in the same area, right-click on the character, or in the portrait (if you are in the same party) and choose "Trade". But to get to that point you have to find this buyer or seller.

In order to sell our items, we need to build our own shop on the Game Forum. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. The process is not difficult or time-consuming, but the premium stash tab market from the game marketplace would be a move that would simplify the process, as the volume of loot you can sell increases as much as you play. This is how we make a shop by right-clicking on the premium stash tab and choosing "public". Then we set the price of its items by right clicking on them, which is generally recommended because it will surely attract more buyers. When we receive a message from a buyer, we right-click his name and choose invite to party. Then we go to our hideout where we will make the sale.

To search for PoE items to buy we go to the official site or the unofficial but acknowledged There we will find either gear, or we exchange currency (orbs or fragments). Note however that trades can only be made between characters in the same league. If we search for specific items that either do not exist or have high prices, we can use the live search in the above sites to get to know as soon as someone puts the object we are looking for with specific criteria. When we find the object we want, we copy the finished text from the trading site, we paste (Crtl + V) into the chat window and wait for the seller to invite us. We accept accept as soon as we send the invitation and right click on the avatar of his character and we choose to go to his hideout to do the transaction. We make sure that our inventory is ready.

Politeness is very important in the general experience of the game, but it can also be lucrative when making a bargain.

Value of items

Of course, it is always necessary to know the proper value of the items before we buy or sell. The scarcity of an object and the height of the numerical attributes in terms of gear, increases the price, but above all, demand and market trends are of utmost importance. It is imperative to control prices and market movements here:, especially before making a trade, as there are many players who are ready to exploit the ignorance of their companion. Let's say at this point that the leagues have separate economies which may have huge differences.

Get a quick currency

When a new league begins, all players, from the young, to the veterans, start from scratch. This is the ideal time to get into the business game. We have to rush to finish the 10 acts of the game and start Atlas, where the loot is best. With the right trades, we equip our character to speed up growing larger charts and gain enough power to confront the end game enemies (Guardians, Shaper, Atziri, Uber Atziri, Breachlords, Pale Council, Uber Izaro, Elder and the new Uber Elder!) who have the most serious and expensive loot.

Currency Exchanges

Every item used for transactions has a different value, depending on how rare it is and how much demand it has. Of course there is no fixed value in any subject as the economy is constantly changing. However there are some sources to help you stay up to date with values such as and

Path of Exile belongs to the loot-based RPG action category, the treasures that fall from the enemies you kill. This means that there will be too many items and dealing with the cheapest ones is a waste of time. In order not to look for the object that deserves something that is time consuming and not so enjoyable (especially at higher levels), we use a loot filter that selects for us what will appear by removing the useless objects. Here we will find a list of filters to choose from and instructions to install it.

Get a quick currency

There are some practices that are quite obvious, such as playing as often as you can with the same character. By investing the more currency you can in a certain character the results will be much better than the constant change. Farming is one of the most basic ways to get money, but there are some things to look out for. You should not waste your time by taking low-value loot, or trying to sell it. You also need to know what you are buying and not to get something you do not need. In conclusion, the art of currency in Path of Exile is not just farming, but you also know how to manage your resources.

Time is money, and managing your time is the key to commercial success. Experience, good knowledge of the game, and the entrepreneurial spirit can make you really rich. Equip yourself with patience and determination because the new Bestiary league starts on Friday 2 March at 10 pm. Good earnings!

Path Of Exile Guide For Upgrading Character

Path of Exile for many fans of Diablo-like RPG was a real discovery. This is a unique atmosphere with a painfully familiar gameplay with a lot of interesting innovations. However, all these innovations have caused a lot of questions for the players, and in particular, many are interested in how to get here as quickly as possible.

Here we'll look at exactly how quickly to get to the Path of Exile, and for this, a marauder or duelist (at your discretion) with the emphasis of the build on the "Cyclone" will be used. For the most rapid pumping here you will need to take into account ligaments and skills, correctly distribute passive skill points and acquire the necessary items.

What does this build give us?

It is worth noting several main advantages that distinguish the use of such a build with an emphasis on "Cyclone":

If you properly equip your character, your opponents start dying in the hundreds, which provides a fairly vigorous sweep of locations.
Bleed the character is much more dynamic, but at the same time it turns out to be somewhat more dangerous.
If desired, you can choose one of two options for pumping your character and style of play.

In the end, there is enough high mass damage, excellent survival through the use of heavy armor, resistance and good vampirism, as well as quite interesting and dynamic gameplay, which certainly will not let you get bored.

This build is designed only for quick pumping, and it directly depends on the equipment you use.

What to take and how to pump

Since we are betting on the highest possible damage, our warrior will run with a two-handed weapon, and here everyone chooses for himself what to take specifically - a sword, an ax or a hammer. For optimal game, it's enough to use those things that drop out of mobs (for example, you can take Doomsower Lion in your hands, and put on yourself Lightning Coil Desert).

If you talk about a skill tree, then here you must do full damage to health and damage from a two-handed weapon. Also, do not forget that you will need to periodically take passives to increase strength, and you can even not particularly pay attention to the other characteristics of your character.

Next, consider the links and gems we need:

Cyclone - we take necessarily, since for us this is the main skill.
Blood Magic is a very important ability, but if you have already studied it in a tree, do not put it.
Added Fire Damage.
Melee Physical Damage.
Life Gain On Hit.
Faster Attacks (if you decide to use Life Gain On Hit, you can replace it with Weapon Elemental Damage).

What you need to consider

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that during the passage of cards different modes may fall out, and some of them should be avoided:

Temporal Chains. This mod slows us down, and it can be fatal.
Chilled Ground. After the attack of monsters, we slow down in all parameters, which often leads to death.
Bloodmagic. Indirectly increases the mana cost of applying different skills, and also imposes an effect that makes you pay with your life for some abilities.
Player Cursed. Can significantly reduce our indicators of resistance and armor.
Physical Reflect. Significantly increases the armor of monsters.
Elemental Reflect. Significantly increases the resistance of monsters.
-x% Player Resistance. Lowers the resistance of all members of the group, and in high-level locations this is fraught with the fact that even from one monster you can die almost immediately.

How to pass a dungeon

First of all, you should understand that the scope of the "Cyclone" directly depends on the range of attack of your weapon, and there are only three options to raise it:

Use the Increased Area of Effect support stone.
Take two-handed weapons.
Learn the passive Master of Arena skill in the skill tree, since using the same Facebreacker with a short range of attack, getting 2 more range units will be very enjoyable.

It is worth noting that it is best, of course, to act only in solos, avoiding participation in groups, unless there is a special need for it, otherwise you will have to share experience, which will negatively affect the rate of your pumping.

Using such a build, you will ensure a sufficiently rapid leveling up, which will allow you to get things to other classes, purchase the first money, and also to understand the main aspects of the game, if you have not already done it.

Path Of Exile - Audience Has Already Exceeded Mark Of 13 Million Users

Representatives of the studio Grinding Gear Games, who developed the famous free online role-playing game with elements of the Path of Exile, talked about how many people currently playing in this project.

The figures were impressive: the audience has already exceeded an impressive mark of 13 million users. Moreover, the trend towards further growth of the audience remains.

Developers do not rest on their laurels and in every way continue to improve and develop their offspring, quarterly releasing large-scale updates. The nearest of them will see the light very soon - on March 2, the update is called "Bestiary" and will offer gamers a new league, new skills, objects and types of enemies.

Recall, the Path of Exile was released in the autumn of 2013 already. And last year there was a release on Xbox One in China, due to what very quickly almost doubled the community of players. Also last year, we managed to conquer the bar in 48 thousand gamers playing simultaneously on Steam.

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Are you a Diablo fan of hobby? Path of Exile is a very surprising game even from the start; you wake on a lonely island, and from the first moment onwards, you have to fight the undead. Particularly recommended if you can play it with friends Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. 

One of the most interesting decisions Grinding Gear Games (GGG) made when designing the core mechanics of PoE was removing the gold. PoE has no currency that is used only for trading - every single item in the game has some intrinsic functionality and value. Thus, there are many PoE items that are considered "currency items" in PoE - each does something different when consumed.

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Path Of Exile: Arcan Voidgate, Celestial Orb of Storms and More

In the official forum of Path of Exile GGG once again introduced some new microtransactions in the video. These are now available in the shop of the game. Remember to get PoE Orbs buy at U4GM.

Newly added microtransactions include a new portal effect, a "heavenly" version of the Orb of Storms, and various armor effects. All new microtransactions can be viewed afterwards.

Arcane Voidgate Portal


Celestial Orb of Storms


Arcane Wings


Celestial Hooded Cloak


Path Of Exile: Action RPG Analysis Of The Old Title

For the vast majority of those who once played Diablo 2, and that Diablo 3 did not satisfy us as we would have liked, we have a Free-2-Play alternative called Path of Exile, developed by gamers for gamers, and that seeks to enter into the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. This title is in open beta, it is completely free and, according to its creators, it will never be "pay to win" (pay to win). It has a strong economy based on barter, personalization of characters and a competitive player against player (PvP).

Wraeclast is a vast dark continent. Marked by mysterious catastrophes of the past and inhabited by nightmare creatures. The environment is a challenge for all that exile who dares to explore it. With a dark, rough and realistic artistic style. Wraeclast is scary. Lurking in the darkest corners, untold horrors stalk their prey, eager to destroy the mind, as well as the flesh. It is a place where few come out alive, and fewer still remain sane.

Classes And Attributes

Like any good role playing game, classes could not be absent. Path of Exile has 7 classes, with three available attributes: Strength, dexterity and intelligence. Taking into account this, we have three "pure" classes (Marauder, Ranger, Witch), or what is the same, that do not share attributes, and three that share attributes, or hybrids (Duelist, Templar, Shadow and Scion).

  • Marauder (strength): This class is characterized by using brute force, with weapons of great damage in melee, pieces of heavy armor with reduction to physical damage.
  • Ranger (dexterity): The skill confers agility in combat and speed for quick attacks. In the armor pieces the dexterity gives the ability to evade the enemy's blows more frequently.
  • Witch (intelligence): It is represented in weapons through the improvement of critical hits. The armor pieces intelligently give the class a shield of mystical energy that protects them from blows and recharges when they are out of combat.
  • Duelist (strength and dexterity): This class is a hybrid, which excels in strength and dexterity skills.
  • Templar (strength and intelligence): The Templar is aligned with strength and intelligence.
  • Shadow (dexterity and intelligence): Shadow aligns with both dexterity and intelligence.
  • Scion (strength, dexterity and intelligence): The Scion is aligned with all three attributes. 

The ascendancy classes are each tied to one of the base classes, with three ascendancy classes for each base class, except the Scion which only has one ascendancy class.

Characters, monsters and objects can also be aligned with one or several attributes at a time. For example, a walking stick is characterized by having around 70% strength and 30% intelligence. It differs from a club (which could have 100% strength), since it is better to hit critical hits.

Players can use any item or skill, as long as they meet the requirements of that article or ability. The use of attributes not suitable for your class in skills and articles is not limited. However, in general it is more efficient for players to be able to use the attributes appropriate to their character class.

Gems And Active Skills

Almost all RPGs usually have a linear system of active skills. If you are a player who plays with fire, you advance from a simple flame to a powerful ball of fire and, finally, to something bigger and more showy like a wave of fire.

In Path of Exile, active skills using gems are called "Skill Gems". These gems confer an active skill for the player when they are ensnared in the team and acquire experience level, when the player kills the enemies.

A variety of gems are given as quest rewards throughout the game so that players have a variety of skills available. You will discover rare advanced gems in the desert and dungeons, like all items, these can be traded between players.

The gems can also level up. When a player is awarded with experience, all the gems in equipped objects earn 10% of that value. When a gem is removed or negotiated, it retains its experience. It is possible to specialize in uploading valuable jewels and commercialize them with other players.

Every time you want to use a gem you have to link it into its corresponding slot in the desired item. That way, if a sword has a green and a blue slot, the gem of skill and intelligence will be used, respectively.

Passive Skills

The subject of talents, called "passive skills", is so extremely coarse that it would be almost impossible to explain each and every one of the 1350 skills we have in Path of Exile. These skills provide us with a passive bonus to our character. For example, if our character is a Ranged the ideal is to select talent points of skill, use of the bow or skills related to it. 


In Path of Exile, as you kill monsters, open chests and interact with the people of the cities, you can receive items that allow you to better protect the exiled and defeat the strongest enemies. Many of the items can be very interesting for trade with other exiles.

  • Mods: As you progress through the game, you can find magical, rare or unique items. These items have magical properties known as Mods. In magical objects, they appear as prefixes or suffixes in the name of the item.
  • Weapons: Without a good weapon, an exile is as if he were dead. The monsters of Wraeclast keep a wide variety and types of weapons, ranging from bows and swords to wands, fists and exotic canes. The weapons include a maximum of two of the central attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. These attributes affect the speed, damage, critical strike and requirements of such weapons.
  • Armor: In Wraeclast, the defense is as important as the attack. The defensive properties of the armor pieces depend on the attributes that are present in them. Armor with strength grants defense, which reduces the physical damage received. Armor dexterously provides evasion, which increases the likelihood of evading attacks. Finally, armor with intelligence has energy shield, which is a magical barrier that absorbs part of the damage received.
  • Jewelry: Rings, amulets and belts do not have grooves to set gems, but they have powerful magical properties corresponding to their attribute. These properties are magic, rare or unique. Jewelry pieces do not require specific attributes requirements to equip.
  • Currency: Path of Exile does not use a gold coin as a form of payment. Instead, you will sometimes find valuable items of different weirdness that allow you to modify the equipment, trade with other players or NPCs, or save for later use. You can buy Path of Exile currency here.
  • Gems: The gems in Path of Exile can be placed on the computer to grant new features and active abilities.
  • Maps: Maps give limited access to a new area of the world that can contain great challenges and greater rewards. Like other articles, maps can have random Mods that affect their difficulty.


Wraeclast is a tough and impeccable continent, home to a wide variety of animals and killer creatures. Fierce beasts, dead and turbulent horrors competing to devour the exiles who periodically appear on the shore. Wildlife has been strangely transformed into grotesque and bloodthirsty aberrations. The dead have awakened from the eternal nightmare and roam the land hungry for fresh meat. The horrors lurk the ancient crevices and deep and dark caves, always in search of their prey to consume their body and their mind.

The strongest and most powerful of these creatures usually project auras, which propel their henchmen to even greater levels of thirst for blood and fury. An exile can try to kill the minions first, or try to end a greater threat before finishing with his minions. Another tactic is to attract the little ones and separate them from their leader, where they can be eliminated more easily. Sometimes, however, it is best to avoid encountering these types of creatures.


Path of Exile is made by players who sucked big RPG action titles, like Diablo 2 and Neverwinter, and it shows in their work. A dark world, full of shadows and deformed creatures, slanted cliffs and marked landscapes, all with an atmosphere reminiscent of old RPGs and fantasy. Perhaps its weakest point is the duration, since for many it can be something short in comparison with some of the previously mentioned titles, even so it is a completely free title that you can not stop trying.

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